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Benefits of a PIM / DAM system

Optimized workflows through central information hub
  • Enrichment and localization of product and image information in a central system
  • All distribution channels are served from one system and always up-to-date data - from e-commerce to print, social commerce, mobile commerce, POS or shopping portals like Amazon etc.
Maintain assortments across all distribution channels
  • All product information, images and other advertising information are maintained and organized centrally and once for all distribution channels
Reduction of error thanks to central product data management
  • Data is always synchronized with the merchandise management, so changes to article data are taken directly and updated across all sales channels

What is our contribution?

In the field of PIM and DAM systems we have many years of experience - and also know and especially the view of the users of large companies. From the extensive bundle of applications found on the Web and glossy brochures, by far the majority of users liked Contentserv's PIM system best. This was proven by several scoring models in the context of implementation projects.

Contentserv is also an excellent choice in terms of technology and development from our point of view. It not only impresses with its high usability and the very extensive spectrum of functions, but also offers the possibility of adapting the system to best suit your needs due to its openness to swelling.

Introduction of a PIM / DAM system

The successful introduction of a PIM / DAM system is a challenge. This applies less from a technical point of view - than from an organizational point of view. You are not looking for a tool - but want to bring your business forward.

Therefore, it is essential to take the right steps in the introduction phase - and to integrate your users in the decision-making in favor of the software of your choice. Just as important for the long-term success of a new PIM system is to take the user on board after the system has been introduced.

We have developed a phase model for this, which significantly reduces the risk of failure.

Not least for this reason the managing director, Pascal Rheinert, won the "Contentserv star award" two times in a row (2015 and 2016)...